App Launch Overview

Once you have designed the app design, it’s time to get it published on the App Store/Play Store.

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App Launch Overview

App Publishing Overview

Montu gives you two options to launch your app.

  • Launch to Google Play.

  • Launch to the Apple's App Store.

Montu helps you in every step of the app launch. Our implementation specialists will guide you from setting up an account to creating an app listing.

💡 Important points to be noted

  • Your business has to be enrolled as a company/organization to launch an app on Montu. We cannot upload the app if you are enrolled as an ‘Individual’. You’ll have to migrate your entity to ‘company/organization’ and update the business license in order to get started with Montu.

  • The Google Play account and The Apple Developer Account program takes up to 1-2 weeks to be set up and approved.

How to launch your app in Play Store/App Store?

Step 1: If you want to upload your app to the Google Play Store, set up your Google Play account. The first step in this is to create your Gmail account. You have to pay $25 as a one-time fee. Click on this link to take you through the steps to enroll in the Google Play account.


Step 2: If you want to upload your app to iOS App Store, you have to first set up your Apple ID. There is an annual membership fee of $99. Click on this link to create an account on Apple Developer Program.


If you have already enrolled as an Individual, you have to change the Apple Developer account from Individual to Company/Organization. Click on this link to know how to do it.



Do you have any queries regarding the app launch?

If you have any queries on app launching, you can always contact us at

Our implementation specialists will guide you in every step of creating an account and app launch.

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